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The United States lifts the ban on the use of US-made weapons in Ukraine's "Azov Battalion" and Russia speaks out


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China News Service, June 12. According to reports from the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) and other media, on the 11th local time, the U.S. government announced the lifting of the ban on the use of U.S.-made weapons in Ukraine’s “Azov Camp” and stated that this The armed forces designated as "terrorist organizations" by Russia have no record of serious human rights violations.

U.S. law stipulates that the government shall not provide weapons, equipment and training to foreign forces that seriously violate human rights. The Associated Press reported that before the latest decision by the U.S. State Department, U.S. law prohibited the provision of weapons and military training to the "Azov Camp".

"Russia Today" (RT) reported that Russian Presidential Press Secretary Peskov said at a press conference on the 11th local time that the US government's decision was "extremely negative" and that the "Azov Camp" was "Ultranationalist armed organization", the US government's change of position shows that the US "attempts to contain Russia at all costs" and uses Ukraine "as a tool".

According to the Associated Press, the "Azov Battalion" was established in 2014. It was originally an armed force composed of volunteers and has now become the 12th Special Forces Brigade of the Ukrainian National Guard. After the Ukrainian crisis escalated in February 2022, the "Azov Battalion" played an important role in operations in Mariupol and other places.

In 2022, the Russian Supreme Court ruled that the "Azov Battalion" was a terrorist organization and banned its activities in Russia. [Editor: Kong Qingling]

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